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Food for Thought

A dear friend from my college days at Texas A&M University majored in agronomy. When people asked what that meant she would reply, “Soils.” Only in Lez’s East Texas accent it came out, “Souls.” I was reminded of that after reading about Norman Borlaug. Norman Borlaug saved a billion lives. That is not a typo. He saved a thousand million human beings. How is that possible? Dr. Borlaug was a […]

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It’s Getting Hot in Here

In the morning before I get up I like to read the daily prayer/information of the day from Universalis. This is an on-line publishing group that puts the Liturgy of the Hours, mass readings, and other Catholic information out into the ether for public viewing. I get it on my cell phone. When it’s a saint’s day there’s usually some straightforward explanation of what the person did to earn sainthood. […]

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