My Garden of Earthly Delights

A lot of people here in Central Texas believe we have only two seasons: Summer and Not Summer. It does feel that way. This morning the temperature dipped below 70 for the first time in months, and I overheard a little boy outside my children’s school complaining to his mother about the cold. He wanted a jacket. It’ll be 85 by afternoon, though, so he’ll be okay. We won’t be […]

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The Texas Hill Country

We were out in the Hill Country this weekend, enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and panoramic scenery. This is the best shot I got. The bluebonnets flow in rivers out there. I’m lousy with a camera, but someone who is not posted pictures taken Saturday from the same loop, and I feel compelled to link them so you get a glimpse of how beautiful the Hill Country is right now. I’d […]

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Byeya’s Irises

Somewhere close to 60 years ago my grandmother planted these “champagne” irises. They’ve survived droughts, freezes, and then 18 years of neglect after she died. More recently they survived being dug up and moved to my house. I’ve been watching them, anticipating the day they would burst forth. Today was a perfect spring day. I brought Augustine’s Confessions outside to read after it got too sunny to keep weeding. A […]

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