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Mysterious Benedict, Part 2

I tried a new voice on as I read to the kids today. The character is called Constance Contraire, and she’s supposed to be a cranky, little thing. I decided she needed to sound nasal and annoying. My six-year-old stopped me after the first line. “Who is Constance?” she asked. I explained that she was the character we had just read about. She looked shocked. “My God!” she exclaimed, “she […]

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The Mysterious Benedict Society

I *love* reading to my kids. We read intermittently over the summer, but I’ve decided to do nightly reading now that school has started. We wait until Dad is home and read as a family. He plays Angry Birds on his iPhone and listens. Or surfs Craigslist for Corvettes. And listens. He can multitask. I’m bad at that. I can’t even listen to the radio while I drive. Reading to […]

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