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Adventures in Art

As I drove up to my art teacher’s studio this morning, I noticed a young black border collie trotting up the driveway. She looked friendly enough, so I wasn’t overly concerned about getting attacked — more like getting licked to death. I parked my car, and she came over to my door as I opened it. “Eh!” I yelled at her, making what Diana Gabaldon would undoubtedly refer to as […]

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Working on Middle Tones

Today in art class I worked more on tone. I’ll show you the progression of a drawing in charcoal on rag paper. The first step is to determine the average tone of the setup, which in this case was a middle tone, about a 4 on a 1-to-10 scale, where 10 is the darkest. The setup was a dark wine bottle, a green pear, and a white onion set on […]

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Learning Perspective

I haven’t fallen off of a cliff. Just FYI. Lately I’ve made a change from the art of writing to the art of painting. I’m learning to paint from a classically trained artist in a small, self-paced class. It is absorbing a lot of my mental time even though I’m physically drawing only about six hours a week. I’d like to post bits and pieces of things I’m learning as […]

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