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In Search of Lost Time

I have been extraordinarily tired this week. I love to read Proust when I’m tired. Who is Proust? you say. I’m assuming you are asking this because you are normal and don’t go seeking out 19th-century French memoirists to read. Marcel Proust (Prooooooost! Imagine how beloved he’d be as a football player with a name like that.) is known for his novel-in-six-volumes, In Search of Lost Time. (The real title […]

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Snoozing with Socrates

I really have made a good-faith effort to exercise my brain by reading Plato’s Republic this week. I’ve picked it up, carried it around, even gotten through the first half of Book VII. But it is sloooooow going. I don’t know if it’s the drowse-inducing weather, the demands of kids and dog and household, the stress of coping with an out-of-town spouse, or just that it requires so much concentration […]

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