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Start-up Country

I’ve been taking a world history class on Coursera, and I was surprised to learn that around 1100 AD, one of the largest cities in the world was located in what is now the United States. It’s in Illinois, and is known as Cahokia Mounds. From the Cahokia Mounds official website: A Thriving Ancient Metropolis According to archaeological finds, the city of Cahokia was inhabited from about A.D. 700 to […]

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Hi-ho, triple salchow

So The Big M and I went to SXSW. I am 22 months shy of my 40th birthday and I still have all of my teeth, so while I’m not *empirically* an old person, I’m old for hanging out outside of Antone’s on a Tuesday night during the biggest music festival probably anywhere. I had a few contemporaries around me, but still. A little incongruous with my stray gray hairs […]

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Austin Calling (1939)

The Big M was cleaning out his beloved garage and found this in my stacks of stuff: It’s the Austin phone book from 1939, the year my mother’s parents were married. My grandmother moved from the distant town of Del Valle (just past the Austin airport) to join her new husband on a farm 10 miles closer to Austin but still outside the city limits. She had never had a […]

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