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All You’ve Gotta Do Is Put Your Mind To It

You can’t roller skate in a buffalo herd, but you can be happy if you’ve a mind to. So sang the late, great Roger Miller. I’m inclined to believe him on both counts. Trouble is, I haven’t had the mind to be happy today. I’m still hurting over the loss of Buckley. I’ve had an evening of the best possible comfort: a wonderful family, some wine, chocolate, Pride and Prejudice […]

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Good Night, Buckley

Sadness has settled into me like a chest cold. We put our doggie down this morning. Buckley was 14 years, 4 months old. The vet at the emergency clinic was compassionate about it. “He’s gone,” she told us, listening to Buckley’s chest with a stethoscope after the second injection. For 14 years, I’ve been correcting people. Buckley was a “she.” But I just didn’t have the energy to do it […]

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