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Stars and Stripes Forever!

It’s the Fourth of July, which means Americans celebrate all things American. My family is flying our flag from the front porch, we’re grilling hamburgers later, and we’ll be picking up some sparklers for when it gets dark. Maybe we’ll even go to the fireworks show if we’re especially motivated. Maybe. Daddy’s got to work in the morning. Last night when I was looking in a neglected closet for something […]

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My Garden of Earthly Delights

A lot of people here in Central Texas believe we have only two seasons: Summer and Not Summer. It does feel that way. This morning the temperature dipped below 70 for the first time in months, and I overheard a little boy outside my children’s school complaining to his mother about the cold. He wanted a jacket. It’ll be 85 by afternoon, though, so he’ll be okay. We won’t be […]

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