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Forbidden Fruit

Close to our vineyard there was a pear tree laden with fruit. This fruit was not enticing, either in appearance or in flavor. We nasty lads went there to shake down the fruit and carry it off at dead of night… We took enormous quantities, not to feast on ourselves but perhaps to throw to the pigs; we did eat a few, but that was not our motive: we derived […]

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Oil Painting #2

While I have some free time today, I’ll post the progression of my latest oil painting. I did this one over the course of two 3-hour classes. A fresh canvas. The charcoal under-drawing. First part of tone painting. Close-up of same. Refining… Refining it with opaque paint. More refinement. And … I’m calling it done. I can see where further refinement would help, but I feel like I’m getting the […]

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The Tone of Painting

I’ve been learning to think about tone in a painterly way. Tone is the structure of a painting and is what makes objects appear to be three-dimensional. If you think in terms of movies, you’ll notice that a black-and-white movie tells you most of the information you need to know about the environment. You can tell what is grass and what is water and what is skin, and so forth. […]

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