Forbidden Fruit

Close to our vineyard there was a pear tree laden with fruit. This fruit was not enticing, either in appearance or in flavor. We nasty lads went there to shake down the fruit and carry it off at dead of night… We took enormous quantities, not to feast on ourselves but perhaps to throw to the pigs; we did eat a few, but that was not our motive: we derived pleasure from the deed simply because it was forbidden. –St. Augustine, Confessions, Book II

I painted a pear today. I didn’t steal it or throw it to pigs, but I thought of Augustine nonetheless. If you ever have an opportunity to read Confessions, it’s worth doing. The Maria Boulding translation is excellent.

I chose to put a yellow pear on a yellow cloth to explore painting in color when there seems to be only one color.

Obviously there’s more than one color, otherwise you wouldn’t see the pear at all. Nevertheless, yellow is the theme. I only had about 30 minutes left to work by the time I started this painting. That turned out to be a good thing. I didn’t fret about it at all. I didn’t even bother to do a drawing first. I just mixed up a bunch of different tones of purple and went to work.

Purple is the complement of yellow. To make a duller yellow, you have to add its complement.

I thought my painting turned out pretty cool, especially given the time squeeze. I may develop it more next week or start something new.

That’s just purple and yellow up there. Wild, isn’t it?

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4 replies

  1. That’s an awesome pear!!!

  2. Quite amazing..

    I am so enjoying your journey into the world of painting!

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