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Are we inherently dishonest?

I like to think that I’m honest. Dan Ariely says I’m fooling myself. I think social lies are necessary sometimes. One time I had a friend whose stylist accidentally overdid her haircut and got it down to only about an inch in length. She couldn’t fix it, she was freaked out, and she needed someone to reassure her that no, she didn’t look like a boy. To be honest, she […]

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Why do we do things that make no sense?

Last year I took a really terrific class on Coursera that behavioral economist Dan Ariely at Duke University offered. I wish it were still available to take so that I could refer you the videos, which were exquisite, both in content and in production value. I really hope he’ll offer it again. I want to take it again! The course: Behavioral economics is a pretty-new subfield of economics. It explores […]

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