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The Truth About Santa Claus

My kids wrote their letters to Santa weeks ago. For my six-year-old, it was a simple matter of sitting in front of the TV for half an hour and writing down the items that appeared in the commercials. This she did in checklist form: Then she wrote the letter itself: A couple of weeks ago she came home from school and said, “Mama, Anushka says there’s no such thing as […]

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A Christmas Party

Yesterday I got to volunteer at the annual party for our local Mental Health and Mental Retardation office. Somewhere around 350 clients attended. It was a huge collaborative effort, with many volunteers and donors. My mom was responsible for the gift collection and wrapping effort. She got more than 500 gifts put together and transported to the party. Leftovers went to the MHMR office for homebound clients. Mom and Dad […]

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Did you know that Handel’s Messiah has been continuously performed since its debut in 1742? Last month a flash mob of very talented choristers performed the Hallelujah chorus in the food court of a mall. If you’re not familiar with the term “flash mob”, it’s a phenomenon where a group of people get together in a public place, do something random and unexpected all at the same time, and then […]

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