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Autumn Comes to New England

In White Mountains National Forest of New Hampshire, the trees begin their change. Dusk falls over the hills. In the Green Mountains of Vermont, leaves fall like a gentle snow, softly striking the ground in an orange blur. At the Morse Sugar Farm in Vermont, the pumpkins await carving. Rain-filtered afternoon light flows through the jars of maple syrup standing guard in the sugar shack. They are the litmus papers […]

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My Garden of Earthly Delights

A lot of people here in Central Texas believe we have only two seasons: Summer and Not Summer. It does feel that way. This morning the temperature dipped below 70 for the first time in months, and I overheard a little boy outside my children’s school complaining to his mother about the cold. He wanted a jacket. It’ll be 85 by afternoon, though, so he’ll be okay. We won’t be […]

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