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The Joy of Reading

Periodically I’ll pick up Surprised by Joy by C. S. Lewis and read a few chapters. (Ironically, he wrote the book before being surprised in late life by finding love and marriage in the person of Joy Gresham.) Today I was delighted to find that Lewis’ perspective on getting new books was very similar to my own. He loved to order them and have them arrive in the mail, much […]

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Is ignorance bliss?

Si quieres paz, lucha por justicia. That was a bumper sticker I saw in my church parking lot this morning. If you want peace, fight for justice. What is justice? Plato wrote his Republic in an attempt to answer that question. He wrote in dialogues – conversations that read sort of like a play. Socrates, the lead character of the Republic, is asked to explain the meaning of justice. It […]

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