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A Christmas Party

Yesterday I got to volunteer at the annual party for our local Mental Health and Mental Retardation office. Somewhere around 350 clients attended. It was a huge collaborative effort, with many volunteers and donors. My mom was responsible for the gift collection and wrapping effort. She got more than 500 gifts put together and transported to the party. Leftovers went to the MHMR office for homebound clients. Mom and Dad […]

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Christmas Consumers

I got to do something very cool today. Each year my mom and my Aunt Carolyn volunteer their time, talent, and treasure to help the area MHMR program put together a Christmas party for the “consumers”—the people receiving mental health or mental retardation services. For many of the consumers, it’s the only Christmas celebration they’ll attend. I got to participate in the fruit of their labor by volunteering at the […]

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