Did you know that Handel’s Messiah has been continuously performed since its debut in 1742?

Last month a flash mob of very talented choristers performed the Hallelujah chorus in the food court of a mall. If you’re not familiar with the term “flash mob”, it’s a phenomenon where a group of people get together in a public place, do something random and unexpected all at the same time, and then disperse. Sometimes it’s very coordinated, and sometimes people who agree to do it just get a text to show up someplace at a particular time, where they will then receive instruction. The Messiah group was clearly pre-coordinated.

The Big M hates flash mobs. “At least when people go to see a show choir they’re prepared for the awkwardness,” he says. “It’s not fair to do that to unsuspecting people in public.”

I disagree. I think flash mobs are fun. Here’s the YouTube of the Hallelujah chorus. Enjoy!

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  1. Saw this over T-day weekend. So cool. I love flash mobs too — when they’re doing cool stuff like this. It’s a fun interaction of technology, the Internet, and human imagination.
    I do have major concerns about the dark side of all this too. But for now…cheers!

  2. They’re also apparently dangerous, in certain situations.


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