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Dido’s Lament

I may previously have mentioned that I’m not particularly cultured. For instance, I share in my late grandmother’s opinion of opera. Grandma would hear an aria on the radio and demand, “Whose cat’s dying?” She got a universal laugh with this line until the day when she said it and the feline death wail in question turned out to be sung by her granddaughter Kim, who had presented Grandma with […]

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First Steps

My library construction is beginning. Some time last spring I did a computer rendering of the general look and layout for the room. Below is how it would look as you walk in. Complete wall of shelves on the left, couch on the wall opposite, bridged by shelves, small desk to the right, coffered ceiling, hardwood floor. Maybe some throw pillows for the kids and a rug. View when sitting […]

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The Library

The title of this post does not refer to an ironically named college bar, but rather to my nerdy dream: to have my own library. It’s not my fault. I grew up with this: And this: Why, hello, ancient Western culture! But wait — there’s more! And this: That empty spot is where the records (LPs) should be. I surreptitiously lifted them all to cut them to .mp3 for Dad’s […]

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