Why am I here?

As you see in my header, that’s my brain on the couch watching TV. The only thing missing is a beer.

My brain has gone flabby. *sigh*

Those of you who are of a certain age know what I’m talking about. College is long ago in the rear-view mirror. Reading is limited to favorite web sites and occasional magazines and novels. And that’s cool and all, but my brain has been craving more of late. It’s feeling a bit underused, a bit out of shape. A bit tired of consisting on the Cheetos of pop culture and novels.

It all started one day when I realized that I had passed my prime, looks-wise. When I was a teenager I noticed in movies that women like Michelle Pfeiffer just got better looking with age and peaked around 34 or so. Somewhere around that age the baby fat was gone, and they were lean and tough and gorgeous and not wrinkly. Well I peaked last year. And there’s no going back. But I like to think that in a way there *is* some going back, or rather there is something left to peak.

That would be the brain. Observe the Hill of Hotness:Hill of Hotness

As you see, the body is already over and starting its inexorable descent, but the brain still has an opportunity to peak. That’s what this blog is about. Tuning up the gray matter. Putting it through boot camp. Recapturing youth. It’s the American Dream, damn it.

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5 replies

  1. Whew! I haven’t peaked yet! There’s still hope!

  2. The fun bit is that it doesn’t take long to get the brain back in shape – a lot less than most people realize. It’s like riding a bicycle – you never forget. For me… it was basically the summer of 2001 to go from flabby to not-so-flabby.

  3. Cute site!

    One of the reasons I decided to try blogging was because my brain needed the exercise!

    Rocky Mountain Woman

  4. You have given us a good little giggle this evening….In Cape Town..
    Enjoy your style! Will enjoy your flabberrriinnnggg…

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