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The Secret Teachings of Airports

I’m going to Savannah, Georgia tomorrow with my sissy! We’ll be staying in a carriage house and eating lots of fried food beneath live oaks dripping with Spanish moss. In honor of the occasion, I picked up Dan Brown’s latest excretion, “The Lost Symbol”, which was released today. Why Dan Brown, do you ask? Picture me reading “The Lost Symbol” in beautiful historic Savannah: Now picture the reality: me reading […]

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I Like to Kick Things

The Big M has really taken to his MMA training. For those of you unfamiliar with MMA, it stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is approximately a combination of kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. The Big M now throws a beautifully terrifying jab-cross combination and was working on his round kick yesterday. The round kick is designed to take out the opponent at the rib cage or at the knee. (Or […]

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