I Like to Kick Things

The Big M has really taken to his MMA training. For those of you unfamiliar with MMA, it stands for Mixed Martial Arts, which is approximately a combination of kickboxing, jiu-jitsu, and wrestling. The Big M now throws a beautifully terrifying jab-cross combination and was working on his round kick yesterday.

The round kick is designed to take out the opponent at the rib cage or at the knee. (Or if you’re really enthusiastic and flexible, at the head.) It’s a wonderfully fun kick to throw. It’s a timing kick. You throw your leg up in a front kick to give it power and at the last second rotate the hips and feet to bring your shin driving sideways into the target.

I got all excited that The Big M was learning it and convinced him to hold a pad against his hip so I could kick him.


It’s a beautiful sound, like a baseball hitting the sweet spot of the bat. The Big M looked pleasantly surprised at my power. I was too, given I hadn’t warmed up or even practiced this kick in probably 12 months.


Even better! He looks mildly alarmed!


“Okay. That’s enough,” he said. I grinned. Heh. Heh. Still got it.

“I’m worried you’re going to kick the bathtub.”

Apparently I was just missing it on the wind-up. That would have been hard to explain, a broken foot from kicking the bathtub.

There’s not a point to this story, other than that I like to kick things. And The Big M is very tolerant.

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