The Exuberance of Youth

When I was a teenager I’d get in the car to go out with my friends and immediately the thrill of possibility would course through my bloodstream. Someone would begin the mantra and we’d all join in – “The night is young and so are we!” I didn’t know what we’d be doing and I didn’t care because everything was fresh and exciting.

That’s how I still feel about books. Each one represents a different adventure, and just looking at them gets my blood pumping. If the one I’m reading happens to fall short, I just pick up another.

I got to spend some time tonight at the free bookstore, by which I mean the library. I’ve decided to make one of the main characters in my novel a physicist, and I’m modeling him after Richard Feynman.

Here’s my (ridiculously ambitious) take-home reading stack:


The Pleasure of Finding Things Out—R. Feynman

QED: The Strange Theory of Light and Matter—R. Feynman

“What Do You Care What Other People Think?”—R. Feynman

The Universe in a Nutshell—Stephen Hawking

Introducing the Universe—F. Pirani and C. Roche

Breaking the Time Barrier—J. Randles

Research for an aforementioned problem (both recommended by friends):

The Engine 2 Diet—R. Esselstyn

The Abs Diet for Women—D. Zinczenko

Book Club:

Missing Mom—Joyce Carol Oates


Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance—R. Pirsig

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook—J. Piven

Time and Reality in the Thought of the Maya—M. Leon-Portilla

Notes from a Small Island—B. Bryson


I’m a little giddy. The night is young.

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