Le King has left Le Building

Monday was Presidents Day, a day when we celebrate the February birthdays of a couple of former Leaders of the Free World by shopping and staying home from school or work.

Presidential Quiz: Who was our 16th president?

He is called The Great Emancipator.

He came from Springfield, Illinois.

He was born in a log cabin, where he wore a stovepipe hat and didn’t tell a lie. Or something like that. I may be getting confused.

A children’s building set made of little logs is named for him.

He was assassinated in a Ford (theater) and succeeded by a VP named Johnson, and 98 years later another president was a killed in a Ford bearing his name and succeeded by a VP named Johnson.

His face in on the penny and the five-dollar bill.

I know you’ve known the answer since the beginning. I’m just stalling.

It’s Abraham Lincoln.

But if you’re five years old and you answered “Abrham Leking”, you get extra credit for being hilariously adorable.

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