After the War is Over

I’ve been looking through old magazines again. The war was winding down by the time this one came out. No battle scenes graced the cover, just kids learning to sail. It’s full of hopeful ads.

Oh, what a beautiful kitchen we’ll have! I can plan it all myself between chores! Won’t Mother be amazed?

Note the fine print:

We’re still in war production! But after the war you can have your dream kitchen…

After the war you can have your dream car…

After the war you can have your dream …

toilet paper!

Some day it will end…

and we’ll be able to fill up our tanks again. Some day we’ll have peace …

and Boeing has promised to be our peacemakers.

On the day this issue hit the newsstands, August 6, 1945, a Boeing B-29 called Enola Gay dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima. On the 9th, another dropped on Nagasaki. On the 17th, Hirohito surrendered unconditionally to the Allies.

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  1. Americans went into WWII out of the Great Depression. They were used to being without and putting “luxury” things off until a future date. “Luxury” things included: tires, gasoline, oil, softer toilet paper, new cars, kitchen appliances, many food items, etc. All the industries and major companies (e.g., Ford, Boeing)were converted into manufacturers of war machinery. Food items were sent to troops, so home folks had food rationing and used food stamps/coupons that permitted them to buy a certain amount of a food using their own money. People kept stamp/coupon books (small enough to fit into a pocket) so they could save their purchasing right for when they really needed them.

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