Mysterious Ways

I apologize for being so erratic in posting this month. I haven’t felt like I have much to say. Mostly because I haven’t been doing my brain exercises.

I’m reading a lot of novels.

School is wrapping up, and I’ve been finalizing summer plans. I like to have plans. Sometimes they work out and sometimes they don’t.

Take for example, our anniversary plan. The Big M knows I love U2, so he said I could pick a city in the U.S. that they were playing and we would go there for a trip. I picked Seattle. We’ve never been there, and summer seems like a good time to hit the Pacific Northwest.

Listening to U2 makes me feel like I’m 17 again. But I’m not 17 anymore, and Bono is not 31 anymore. And the trouble with buying nonrefundable plane tickets to a city across the country to see aging rock stars is that sometimes age catches up with them. Bono’s emergency back surgery in Germany this week caused U2 to cancel their entire U.S. tour this year.

So that’s a bummer for me and for him, and for the 400+ staff who are now out of work for the summer. But I had been a little sad about not being able to visit Mt. Ranier National Park, and now it turns out we’ll have time to do that. The door closed and a window opened, it seems.

Not that I’m not mourning the loss of my chance to finally see U2 after 18 years of trying. But still. Gotta keep perspective.

Speaking of which, I got to see baby David today, and he looks wonderful. He will have scars, but his beautiful little face is unscathed. He toddles around and babbles like the little 12-month-old dude he is, and I’m just so grateful to see him looking healthy and smiling.

So I guess I’m pretty happy this afternoon. Have a good weekend. :)

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2 replies

  1. Sorry on the U2 cancellation!
    And thanks for the update on David!! I love good news!

  2. Happy to hear little David is doing better..

    What a blessing!

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