Snow Day!

My parents were in Antarctica last week.

At first I thought Dad was reliving the ’60s while Mom waved hello, but then I realized they’re making the number 7, as in seven continents now visited. Check out the penguins behind them! The fuzzy ones are babies. Mom says the weather was sunny, with temperatures hitting the 30’s. It’s summer there.

I went outside this morning in Austin, Texas to this:

We have our own little arctic wonderland in my backyard.

It’s officially colder here than in Antarctica, at least the part above the 65th parallel. Dad says not to worry, though. The scientists they talked to assured them that not only are the glaciers not receding, but that the continent is well-insulated from climate change because of a) the Antarctic current that runs all the way around it, pushing away warmer water, and b) the fact that almost all of the ice has land mass underneath it (which makes it different from the Arctic, where the ice floats on ocean).

The Boy has had a blast today sledding down the driveway on cardboard and making Gatorade snowcones. The Girl is enjoying SpongeBob on the couch as she recuperates from flu. She has ventured outside once, but prefers to enjoy the scenery through the window. Her fever is down, so I’m relieved about that.

Hope every one of you is staying warm and well!

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  1. I don’t know who was more excited about the snow day–the kids or me!
    We had so much fun sledding down the driveway in the laundry basket. :) And we built a real three-layer snowgirl–about a foot and a half high.
    I love the contrast of Antarctica with Austin!
    And hope your chickadee is better soon!

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