15 Years Ago Today

Fifteen years ago today, I married this man. Not only is he the love of my life, he is my life.

I am so grateful as I think back to our wedding day. I’m grateful for my parents, who didn’t freak out when their 22-year-old daughter decided to get married, and who supported my decision emotionally and financially during a time in their lives when making that financial commitment was difficult. I’m grateful to them for demonstrating, daily, what a good marriage is and can be.

I’m grateful for my parents-in-law, who have been unfailingly kind to me since the beginning of our relationship. I am grateful that they raised a son who himself is kind and who learned growing up what it is to love and be loved.

I am grateful for the sisters and brothers in blood, law, and soul who participated in our wedding. I give a special thanks to our friends Bill and Sylvia, who not only introduced us but have continued to be our friends through these years. You are deep and real in a world that often feels shallow and false. We are glad to call you friends.

Most of all I am grateful to God not just for giving me a partner but for giving me the maturity at an immature time in my life to know I had something good I needed to hold onto. How I received such grace remains a mystery to me.

To my best friend: I cannot count the ways in which I love thee. You are not only my soulmate, you are my soul. Every day I think I’ve loved you to my limit, and every new day I realize that I did not know my limit.

Happy Anniversary, Marty.

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  1. Nice pic and happy anniversary!!

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