The Moment

Have you ever heard that “living in the moment” is an ideal we should strive to achieve? I’ve been living in the moment all day.


Because I have the stomach flu. This has been a day of moments I would prefer not to have lived in. Thankfully it seems to be on its way out. And I am reminded that sometimes it’s okay not strive for ideals.

On a happier note, we had a good Christmas and got to spend it with family, which was nice. One of my favorite gifts was a photo scanner from my in-laws. I was able to use it to capture some of The Big M’s childhood photos at their house.

Here’s one of my favorites:

Isn’t that the most hilariously adorable Kindergarten picture? Our own little Kindergartener wanted to know why Daddy’s teeth were black. He had silver caps on his baby teeth.

I told The Big M that if he ever writes his memoir, this should be the cover. I’m still thinking of a title.

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