I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

My Kindergartener woke me up (early) this morning with presents she had made and wrapped for me. One was an empty toilet paper roll (“Look–I wrote, ‘I love you, mom’ on it!”) and the other two were folded pieces of paper wrapped inside other folded pieces of paper and carefully, thoroughly taped.

Here’s one note:

“Aw,” I said. “‘I love you, Mom, love, me.’ That’s nice!”

She looked miffed. “How did you know it said, ‘Love, Me’?” Apparently I wasn’t supposed to crack the code. But no worries. She was immediately sunny again as I unwrapped the final offering, her list of demands:

I needed help cracking this code. It reads as follows:

MAK ICICWEM (Make ice cream)

PUT ON THE TAL (Put on the tail — on a stuffed animal dog we were sewing yesterday)

BI CLOS FOR Me (Buy clothes for me)

My little sunny delight has been making good use of the office supplies her grandparents gave her for Christmas. I hugged her (I can’t resist squeezing such an adorable little doll even when she makes obnoxious demands), told her that yes, we would make ice cream today (as promised previously) if she would behave, we’d see about the dog tail, and no, darling, you have plenty of clothes, and I will not be purchasing any more in the near future.

She bounced away happily. That’s the kind of kid she is, all sweetness and light, interspersed with thunderstorms. As soon as the rain stops, she’s sunny again. She’s the only girl I’ve known not to hold a grudge. We had a few showers today (mostly frustration with losing to Brother at a Wii game), but she was well-behaved for age 5, and in the end we all got to make ice cream.

Life is sweet sometimes.

Categories: The Kids

3 replies

  1. Fun and interesting reading!

  2. She is sweetness and light and not a bad phonetic speller to boot! They can be remarkable sweet at this age. Last night, my little sunshine told me that if she got to heaven after I did, she’d look for me. Somehow I find that comforting!

  3. That’s too funny. Guess I should be glad the Munchkins never send me their artwork, as apparently it comes with demands…

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