On Friday I went to visit the master craftsmen and the pieces of my library that they are working on. I took a few terrible pictures with my phone because I forgot to bring a real camera.

Here’s the sliding “barn” door for the doorway:

Don’t worry. It won’t have all of those gaps. They were just dry-fitting it. Isn’t it cool?!!

Now here are some of the boxes for the bookshelves:

I almost hate to put up this photograph because it does no justice to the actual box. It’s a lovely cherry with a furniture-quality finish. It was like touching butter, if butter had rigidity and weren’t greasy.

They’re finishing up details and will assemble everything in the shop to make sure it’s perfect before bringing it to my house.

It’s like I’m five years old and it’s Christmas Eve. I can’t freakin’ wait!

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  1. That is a gorgeous door!

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