We have a couch

It arrived at noon.

It’s red. I’m breaking out of my beige phase.

It’s exactly 69 inches wide, and the opening for it to fit in is exactly 69.35 inches wide. That’s the drawn opening. I’m a little nervous. My builder has to be very precise for this unreturnable, custom couch to fit.

It’s a sleeper sofa. The bed is a queen-size platform bed with a surprisingly comfortable mattress. Platform means there are no bars to press into your back at night. It’s one solid surface beneath the mattress. We are about to have a new guest space.

This morning I had to schedule another root canal. This will be my third.

My darling children have the day off from school and have spent the better part of it bickering and whining.

Today has been a mixed bag. But the library continues to move forward, and that makes me happy. And the kids are entering a sweet phase, so I’m logging off to read to them.

Happy Friday!

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