Happy Vallitimes Day!

That’s what my five-year-old baby angel wrote on her card for Mama.

The kids had their Valentine’s Day parties on Thursday at school. My very talented sister put together beautiful Valentine treats for them to hand out to their friends. For the last couple of years she’s made very lovely, time-consuming, and probably expensive treats for the kids at no cost or effort to me, which has been pretty terrific. For me. And the kids. And she must enjoy doing it, right?

Anyway, thanks Kiki!

Here’s one of Kiki’s Creations:

That’s a pencil with a lovely heart on the top and a nom-nom chocolate inside.

And here’s another:

It’s an adorable gumball machine with two gumballs inside. “Wishing you the sweetest day ever!” Isn’t that so cute?

Kiki made 22 or 23 of each of these so the kids would have enough for their classmates, their teachers, and most importantly (to them) themselves. Pretty sweet.

Hope you’re having a lovely Vallitimes Day!

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  1. I actually made 24 for Little Miss and 25 for Mr. Why. I miscounted when making Mr. Why’s…hence the extra one. Little Miss almost got an eraser in hers instead of chocolate…only she requested “lollipops and chocolate” for her candy. So, I figured I’d give her chocolate and something that sort of looked like a lollipop. Mr. Why said to surprise him with the candy, so I gave him one of his favorite things – bubblegum! His are also two sided as I couldn’t fit the bubblegum into one treat cup – so I put two back to back. Makes it a bit more 3-D too.

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