Friday Fun

Although the focus of the last month for me has been building a library, I’ve ironically done very little reading. So what kind of wind sprints are getting this flabby brain back in shape? you ask.

Why, reality TV! I’ll answer. Specifically, American Idol.

Don’t judge me. After performing my Triple C duties*, Mom could use a little downtime.

A couple of the kids really stood out this week, and I just want to share with those of you who aren’t fans. This one kid, Alex Lambert, made an impression. He’s sort of a hybrid of Eros Ramazotti and Paolo Nutini with a little Rod Stewart thrown in. I could listen to him sing all day. In fact, I have been listening to him sing all day by playing this YouTube video during cleaning breaks:

The other standout at this point is Crystal Bowersox, a single mom who channels Mary Chapin Carpenter. I love her version of CCR’s “As Long as I See the Light”. (If you just want to see the singing without intro, skip to 2:00.)

Hope you enjoy them! Have a great Friday night!


*That would be Cooking, Cleaning, and Childcare.

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  1. I love Eros Ramazotti! Happy to find a fellow fan. :) Crystal rocks, too. How is baby David doing?

    • “Hoy Como Siempre” was a big radio hit when I studied abroad in Spain back in the last millennium. I ran right out to the local music store and bought the cassette. Eros has such an interesting and unique sound.

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