The Big Reveal

If this were a TV show, you’d have waited about 27 minutes from my first post showing the office in disarray to the final reveal. Real time is slower, but the reality of having this room in my house versus on the TV is just so much cooler.

I finally figured out how to stitch some photos together, so I present to you the library as I first drew it:

And The Library as it is (don’t mind the occasional warped line from the software — it’s not that way in reality):

The “back-in-the-bookcase” view, as drawn:

Back in the bookshelf in reality (and yikes on the photo errors — I’m not so good at this stitching thing yet. But you get the idea):

Drawing looking in the doorway:

The reality:

And finally, a shot from a back corner of the room that shows off the wall of shelves and the sliding door (and only minorly messed up by my software ineptitude):

It smells like leather and wood and books in the library, which is as it should be. This is my little slice of heaven.

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  1. Beautiful! I love how it was all planned out on the computer. Are you an architect?

    Now, will your family give you time to actually read? I’m finding I have to listen to audiobooks to get any reading done!


  2. Nope, not an architect. Just find design interesting, and had a vision for the room. I haven’t done much reading yet, but I have hope!

    It’s simply beautiful, and I can’t wait to see it in person!

  4. oh my god, this is the most fantastic thing i have ever seen. i love that you had your vision, and you really made it a reality. this is honestly, truly, fantastic. you. are. awesome.

  5. All I can say is WOW.


    Really… just simply WOW.

    Enjoy that room !!


  6. I featured your lovely library on my blog today, and it got a great response! Thanks so much!

  7. Just saw your handiwork at Better After, wow, it’s gorgeous!

  8. love this room, and I am so jealous. nothing like a good library.

  9. How in the worl did you draw that before hand. It’s incredible your vision and then making it a reality. So impressive!

    I hope you enjoy many relaxing times in there.

    ♥ Joy

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