The Solution

Here’s the ad copy:

JANE: I simply can’t stay late tonight to retype those letters, Boss! I’ve got to hurry right over to the Blood Bank to donate blood!

BOSS: I know, I know. But look at these carbon copies! Fuzzier than an English sheep dog’s eyebrows!

JANE: Well, don’t pin that on me! If you’d buy the right kind of carbon paper, that wouldn’t happen! Like this Roytype Park Avenue Carbon Paper I just borrowed. I’ll type with it now — just to show you the difference…


It goes on from there, but I won’t torture you. Suffice to say, Boss orders some Roytype Park Avenue Carbon Paper and — as a bonus — some Roytype Ribbons, while Jane goes to the Blood Bank. Good times.

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  1. Blood bank. Yeah, right. :)

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