Our Avatars

I like writing down conversations we have in our little family, but I’m getting bored with calling my kids “The Boy” and “The Girl.” I could call them Jacob and Emily* but I thought it’d be more fun to create avatars for all of us.

You’ve already seen mine:

Now here’s The Boy:

And The Girl:

And of course, The Big M:

I have this fantasy that I can recreate all the conversations I have with my kids in cartoon form. They’re much funnier in my head that way. The next step is to figure out how to re-scale everyone so we can have avatars talking instead of pseudonyms.

More to come.


*Jacob was the top boy baby name in 2001, and Emily was the top girl baby name in 2004.

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2 replies

  1. Very nice artwork!! I was just telling a friend last night how well-rounded you are — and I didn’t even mention that you can draw. :)

    The boy’s portrait is absolutely on target. And everything fits with the girl, except maybe the nose. It may be a bit too wide.

    I love how you added eye color!

    My favorite is the tubing brain! That so rocks!

  2. The Big M agrees that his baby’s nose looks too wide. :) Thanks for the compliments!

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