I Hope This Isn’t Too Silly to Post, But…

Yesterday I saw about the cutest thing I’ve seen in a while: my 8-year-old boy dressed up in his brand-new Cub Scout uniform for his very first Cub Scout meeting. He was so proud in his new cap and blue shirt and shorts with the scarf and belt and matching socks. I had spent part of the afternoon applying all of the required insignia. And there was a lot.

He was a little apprehensive about starting scouts. I can appreciate that. It’s scary joining a new group, especially one that’s already established. But he got to his meeting, and one of his best friends from school was there to greet him, so it started great.

The meeting got better, apparently. The guest speaker was a local sheriff’s deputy, there to teach the kids about safety and to fingerprint them. First of all, police-types are right up my boy’s alley. Secondly, he loves to match wits with adults, and this man was asking questions.

“How do fingerprints work?” asked the deputy.

After some false starts and hemming and hawing from various scouts, my boy jumped in. “Your fingers have oil on them, and when you touch things, it leaves the oil behind in the shapes that are on your fingertips.”

“Right,” said the deputy, who then moved his presentation to the next Power Point slide which, according to The Big M, said almost verbatim what our boy had just said.

I knew sending him to Spy Camp this summer would pay off.

Later the deputy was showing the kids how to dial 9-1-1, and showed a picture of various kinds of phones. He pointed to a rotary dial phone. “I’ll bet none of you know what this is.”

Au contraire. “Actually,” replied my boy, “my dad and I are restoring an old phone like that.” And they are — it’s an old black rotary dial wall phone from my grandparents’ farm. It’s almost ready for install in my library. It’s pretty complicated to get it to work on a digital phone line, apparently.

Question after question, the deputy tried to stump my boy. He finally succeeded when he asked my kid to dial 9-1-1 on his cell phone. It was one of those sliding types, which my son hadn’t seen before. That got him.

I’m so looking forward to this season of scouting!

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