The Truck

The Big M has long had a dream of owning a Corvette. To help make this dream a reality, he sold his nice truck and used a portion of the proceeds to buy a less nice truck as his daily driver so as to free up funds for the dream car.

Our boy has been very involved in the process. Every time Dad takes out his wallet, an eight-year-old voice pipes up. “Dad, is that the Corvette money?” On the rare occasions that yes, it is some of the Corvette money being spent on a necessity, Dad must endure the wrath of a small boy.

It’s been a lot of fun watching the two of them search Craigslist together for dream cars and daily drivers. They discuss options and colors and condition quality ad nauseum, and I’m glad to let them do it.

Our kid is very opinionated, and very interested in making his opinion heard. When Dad decided to buy a particular daily driver that the boy didn’t like, he let his father have it. And when Dad cut off the audio assault, he moved to a written one. Here it is:

I don’t know if I find the assertion that “it smells weard” funnier or the line about “it had ants so it creaped me out.” Or maybe the fact that he split up the word “truck” so as to stay within the margins.

To bolster his argument, he got his sister in on it:

You’ll have to insert “The Boy” into the blank part. But he had her sold on the windows not rolling down part.

Alas for those two, their dad bought the truck anyway. It seems for now that he has rid it of ants, and he figured out how to replace the window motors so that they now roll down. We’re hoping it will be a reliable daily driver while he searches for his dream car.

Happy Friday.

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  1. all i can say is wow — and that kid is goin’ places!

  2. I find myself with two very diverse thoughts on the matter. The first is just thinking that it’s awesome and hilarious that The Boy and The Girl actually resorted to writing as protest to the choice of vehicles. The other is what every adult must do when faced with childhood complaints – to straighten up, frown, and wonder what has happened to this generation. You know the rant – the “Uphill, both ways” rant, where we go on about how tough we had it back in our day.

    Big M – were we ever that opinionated about the vehicles Gramps drove as we were growing up? Gramps drove some pretty funky vehicles as we were growing up – I still love that old ’81 Escort, there were several Japanese-built pickup trucks of various make, there was this one Nissan subcompact… yeah. The Boy and The Girl probably would have written essays about Gramps’ vehicles.

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