The Bucket List

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? ‘Cause I haven’t. But I did find this gem of a book today as I was cleaning up. It’s called The Big Caring Book and Daisies Too and Missions and Chores.

Only it actually reads, The Big Caring Boog and Dasys to and mishons and chors, because my 6-year-old is its author.

My favorite part was about Missions and Chores. Here is the chore list:

Please note that only one chore is listed, and it is not checked off.

Now come the Missions, even, one might say, Resolutions:

1. Eat one gallon of ice cream. Check.

2. Plant a watermelon. Check.

3 – 12. To be determined.


13. Heart stop beating.

14. Die.

My baby has already made her bucket list! I’ve been laughing all day.

Hope you’re having a happy 2011 so far.

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