Steak and Wine — The Modern Way

It’s Memorial Day, which means we fly our flag on the front porch and The Big M has the day off work. This year our children’s school district made Memorial Day a makeup day for a snow day we had in the winter. Which means…

free babysitting!

We chose to celebrate with wine and steak. Our 15th wedding anniversary is coming up next month, and we picked today to break out the bottle of wine that we purchased on our trip to Italy for our 10th.

If you’re a fan of the show Modern Family, you may have caught the scene last week where Claire and Mitchell find themselves trapped in a tree house and decide to kill the time waiting for help to arrive by drinking a bottle of wine. Claire does not have a corkscrew, so she opens the bottle with a shoe.

Of course we had to try this. The crazy part is that it worked! Here’s a YouTube of how it goes:

The downside to this method is that it stirs up all the sediment. When you’ve had a bottle of red wine sitting on a wine rack for five years, this is not the best plan for opening it. But it was so hilarious we didn’t care.

Next I cooked the steaks. We decided that the next time I make steak I need to take photos of every step and post them because I have finally learned how to make the perfect steak. The key is a cast-iron pan on the grill and a lot of prep time. The actual cooking took about 10 minutes.

Here’s how mine looked:

It was melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It’s been a delicious day.

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  1. Rock on! David and I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean at Alamo South. It was a pretty good movie, and nothing beats a glass of sangria before noon–especially when you aren’t paying for childcare. Thank you, AISD!

  2. We are big fans of the cast iron on the grill method. It’s the way to get the steak house crust at home. Unfortunately, we’re no longer so impressed with steak houses. Just don’t turn off the grill and forget that your cast iron is on it for weeks…

    The shoe method looks quite fun. A key also works in a pinch (use it to pry out the cork) and is better for stealth, though the shoe method may be faster and is less likely to break the cork.

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