Our New Stereo

We went to the bank today and noticed that the vintage items store in the same parking lot was having a sidewalk sale. Sidewalk sales being irresistible, we moseyed on over there.

That’s when we happened upon this beauty:

It’s perfectly suited for a future refinishing project, preferably something with red Krylon that will end up looking like this:

Or turquoise Krylon. I’m more excited about turquoise:

No gold handles, though. With turquoise one should stick to nickel.

But Lynn, you’re asking, why on earth did you buy this mid-century monstrosity when it is not at all in your style?

This is why:

It’s a stereo, a completely mint, working stereo. Not only does it have a turntable (up to 10 discs automatically!), but it has a radio receiver. And the speakers put out a rich, deep sound, sound that is better than the stereos we had been casually shopping in stores and certainly better than the little stereo we already had.

But wait. It gets better. Check this out:

Do you see the input selections? AM. FM. FM AFC. TAPE. ST PH.

Wait, back up. Tape?

We checked out the back of the console, and sure enough, there are inputs for a tape player. Not only that, but there are outputs to a tape player so as to record the playing record.

Who cares about tapes? you ask. I don’t. What I care about are tape inputs. Because guess what else I can plug into those inputs?

That, friends, is my iPhone. I am playing it through a stereo manufactured right around 1970. How freaking cool is that?

Not only can I input any iPod, I can output records to my laptop from the tape outputs. This means I can rip records to .mp3 in style.

We’ve placed the “new” stereo where we had the table/shoe rack that served as a constant attraction to this family member:

Here’s hoping it does not attract sharp puppy teeth as much as our shoes have.

Hope y’all are having a happy Saturday!

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3 replies

  1. you’re so cool!!!

  2. You know what’s crazy? The lady at the consignment shop said that a man had offered to buy it with the plans of gutting it and turning it into an ice chest. I feel like we arrived in the nick of time!

  3. Poor dad has no idea that his record collection is about to be “borrowed.” He has quite the collection, you know. Joanie has really mastered the innocent look.

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