Today is Talk Like a Pirate Day. It seems apropos that I am in Savannah, the literary home of Captain Flint, the oft-referred-to and never-seen star of Treasure Island. The treasure, you see, was Flint’s. He had buried it on an island and then died in Savannah some years before Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver, et al. went after it. Treasure Island is a lovely book. I read it twice this summer — once to myself and once aloud to the kids. I recommend it. We also watched the 1950’s-era Disney movie. Now I understand where Mr. Krabs on SpongeBob gets his accent.

I decided to enjoy my last morning in Savannah by going for a run through Forsyth Park, which is adjacent to the little house my sister and I are staying in. Here’s a shot of the fountain I took with my phone:


Isn’t it lovely?

About halfway through my run I realized that I’m way too fat and out of shape to be running, so I walked for a while. Conveniently, there was a local farmer’s market going on in the park and I had brought money for breakfast. I got a cup of coffee, a fresh plum, and — best of all — homemade sweet potato pie for just under $5 combined. Here’s a shot of it in the sitting area of our little house before I devoured it:


The book, by the way, is Museum of Science and Industry: Chicago. Seems like a random choice to put in a Savannah guest house. The breakfast was *delicious*.

We had a lovely day yesterday that included a morning at the day spa, a visit to Tybee Beach, and an evening of girl talk and girl-movie watching. (Music and Lyrics with Drew Barrymore and Hugh Grant. I love that movie.)

I learned something shocking about my sister. Truly shocking. I’m not even sure how to approach this.

But here goes.

Are you ready?

She doesn’t like Pride and Prejudice. Can’t stand it. No Colin Firth, no Jennifer Ehle as Elizabeth Bennet for her. No glorious six-hour BBC offering starring an American as the heroine. This is a movie I watch in its uninterrupted entirety at least quarterly. It’s even on my laptop. I could watch it now.

But I won’t because we have to head out. We’re going to Charleston now.

BTW — happy 37th birthday to K’s personal pirate, The Other Big M.

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